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The Danube

From the Black Forest to the Black Sea, the Danube flows like a mighty artery through ten European countries along a stretch of around 2,850 kilometres. Sometimes wild and fast-moving, sometimes gentle and meandering, the capricious river winds its way from west to east. Its mysterious depths are home to the largest freshwater fish in the world, its dense floodplain forests provide a refuge for endangered species and its river course is a wildlife reserve for countless migratory birds. And yet the Danube is far more than just a river flowing through the breathtaking and magical world of nature.

Accompany us on unforgettable voyages full of historic and cultural diversity. Soak up tradition and folklore, experience myths and metropolises, take in old monasteries, ancient coronation sites and modern art.

2018/2019 - Donaukreuzfahrten

Donau Adventszauber 2018

Itinerary: Passau – PassauDuration: 4 Nächte

Donau Silvesterreise 2018

Itinerary: Passau – Budapest – PassauDuration: 8 Nächte

Donau Metropolen 2019

Itinerary: Passau – Bratislava – PassauDuration: 4 Nächte

Donau Metropolen 2019

Itinerary: Passau – Budapest – PassauDuration: 7 Nächte

Donau Erlebnis 2019

Itinerary: Passau – PassauDuration: 7 Nächte

Donau Weihnachtsmärchen 2019

Itinerary: Passau – PassauDuration: 4 Nächte

The Rhine

To the Romans, it was the Father of all Rivers. And even today, the Rhine is a river that continues to inspire and impress. Although tamed by man over the centuries, it still manifests the immense forces of nature, as immortalized in song, literature and art. Take the opportunity on one of our river cruises to experience moments that will live on in your memory – the possibilities are boundless aboard one of our ships. Take a trip through the Middle Ages while cruising through the Middle Rhine valley, take a detour into the Romantic period en route to the Loreley and then follow the course of the river to Flanders, France and the Netherlands or towards Switzerland. Anyone looking for a break from the ordinary will love the Rhine!

Experience the rich diversity of our city and nature cruises on the Rhine river, while we take you off the beaten tourist track, with detours along the left and right tributaries to the Moselle, Maas and Scheldt.

2018 / 2019 - Rheinkreuzfahrten

Rhein Adventszauber 2018

Itinerary: Düsseldorf – DüsseldorfDuration: 2 / 3 Nächte

Rhein Delta 2019

Itinerary: Düsseldorf – Amsterdam – DüsseldorfDuration: 7 Nächte

Rhein Panorama 2019

Itinerary: Basel – KölnDuration: 5 Nächte

Rhein Delta Kurs Antwerpen 2019

Itinerary: Basel – AntwerpenDuration: 6 Nächte

Rhein Delta Kurs Basel 2019

Itinerary: Antwerpen – BaselDuration: 7 Nächte

Rhein Main Romantik 2019

Itinerary: Köln – PassauDuration: 8 Nächte

The Elbe

From its source high above sea level in the Giant Mountains of the Czech Republic, the Elbe swells on its journey through Germany and towards its mouth on the North Sea. The banks are lined with canyons carved by glacial ice, extensive marshlands and magnificent cities, giving the Elbe river its unmistakable appearance. Create unforgettable moments as you follow the course of the river past Dresden, also known as the “Florence of the Elbe”, the Luther city of Wittenberg and Meissen, home of the famous porcelain manufacturer. While en route, enjoy the spectacle of virtually untouched, primordial nature with its richly diverse and exceptional wildlife.

Take the opportunity on one of our river cruises to follow the tidal current to the white sandy beaches of the islands in the Baltic Sea or marvel at the cultural highlights on offer in the towns and cities along the German and Polish coast.

2018 / 2019 - Elbekreuzfahrten

Elbe Adventszauber 2018

Itinerary: Potsdam – DresdenDuration: 4 Nächte

Viva Special Elbe Kurs Dresden 2019

Itinerary: Hamburg – DresdenDuration: 7 Nächte

Viva Special Elbe Kurs Hamburg 2019

Itinerary: Dresden – HamburgDuration: 7 Nächte

Elbe Weihnachtsmärchen 2019

Itinerary: Dresden – MagdeburgDuration: 4 Nächte

The Seine

The river takes its name from the Latin Sequana, the goddess of the river, and as befits a deity, the Seine winds its way along some of the most beautiful and charming regions in the country: Burgundy, Champagne, Ile-de-France and Normandy – trés jolie! Cruise through landscapes reminiscent of impressionist paintings, past picturesque villages and, last but not least, Paris, where numerous attractions entice visitors to stroll along its charming river banks. Hopeless romantics will find just as much to delight them as art lovers and gourmets!

Join us as we set sail for Monet’s Water-Lily Ponds, the Sun King’s Palace and plenty of savoir vivre along the way! Experience the sheer joy of life as you cruise along the Seine and Oise!

2019 - Seinekreuzfahrten

VIVA Special Seine 2019

Itinerary: Paris – ParisDuration: 6 / 7 Nächte

The Moselle

At its source in the Vosges Mountains of eastern France, it is known as “la Moselle”, but after a slow-paced, yet twisting and turning odyssey through Luxembourg, the river ends its journey in Germany, where it is called the Mosel. It was the Romans who first cultivated the wonderful vineyards along its flourishing hillsides, producing wines that over the centuries have found favour even with the likes of Goethe and Tucholsky. Medieval castles tower over picturesque villages dotted along the river banks, and numerous hiking trails provide panoramic views across the winding course of the Moselle.

Join us on a river cruise to learn more about the home of the best Riesling wines, climb up what must be the steepest vineyard in the world and explore the past in towns and cities that have shaped the course of history!

2019 - Moselkreuzfahrten

VIVA Special Mosel 2019

Itinerary: Düsseldorf – TrierDuration: 7 Nächte

The Rhône

From the Swiss Sankt-Gotthard massif to the sunny Mediterranean, the Rhône is a mighty river. And with good reason: as France's most water-rich river, it flows past extraordinary destinations: Provencal lavender fields, gentle meadows, romantic wine-growing villages and the untamed Camargue. Historic towns such as Arles and Avignon lie at its feet and provide applause with world-famous sights.

Discover many destinations along the Rhône with our river cruises, which will impress connoisseurs as well as culture and nature lovers.

2018 / 2019 - Rhônekreuzfahrten

Rhône Adventszauber 2018

Itinerary: Lyon - LyonDuration: 4 Nächte

Rhône Weihnachtsmärchen

Itinerary: Lyon – LyonDuration: 4 Nächte