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The legendary Baltic Sea is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. This inland sea is the meeting point of several rivers and connects with the Mediterranean through the Bosporus Strait and then through the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles Strait. The location of many intriguing rumors, stories, and mysteries, the Black sea is home to marine and travel enthusiasts alike and a major holiday destination all year round.

Originating from Germany's Black Forest and winding its way to the Black Sea, the Danube flows through ten European countries along a stretch of almost 1,800 miles. Europe's second longest river flows from West to East, and supports a large variety of natural habitats and ecosystems drawing millions of tourists each year.

The Main River (pronounced like “mine” in English) is the longest river lying entirely in Germany. Flowing west, it navigates through the cities such as Frankfurt, Offenbach, Wertheim and Würzburg. Extraordinarily scenic, cruises on the Main enjoy picturesque castles, rolling vineyards and breathtaking views. This unforgettable adventure is a veritable German smorgasbord, including the local beer gardens of Frankfurt, the fabled vineyards of Würzburg, and the traditional gingerbread goodies of Nuremberg. Bon appétit!

At its source in the Vosges Mountains of eastern France, it is known as “la Moselle”, but after a slow-paced, yet twisting and turning odyssey through Luxembourg, the river ends its journey in Germany, where it is called the Mosel. It was the Romans who first cultivated the wonderful vineyards along its flourishing hillsides, producing wines that over the centuries have found favor among authors, journalists, and statesmen.

To the Romans, it was the Father of all Rivers. And even today, the Rhine is a river that continues to inspire and impress. Flowing Northwest through Germany and the Netherlands to the North Sea, the river is flanked by gorgeous scenery, medieval castles, modern cities and wineries.

Beginning as an outflow of the Rhône Glacier in Valais, Switzerland, the Rhône river continues its journey through Lake Geneva and into France before flowing into the sunny Mediterranean. Filled with age-old mystery and charm, the river reflects a blend of Celtic, Roman, Greek, and French influence and is home to impeccable French cuisine, lavender-filled landscapes and extraordinary wines.

Taking its name from the Latin Sequana, the Goddess of the River, the Seine winds its way along some of the most beautiful and charming regions in France. An iconic landmark in Paris, the river is central to French culture inviting romantic strolls and laid-back picnics and has appeared in countless films of the city.

Come aboard our SEAVENTURE to explore the most beautiful parts of the world. The ship was specially designed for these extraordinary moments. Thanks to its special construction, it is extremely maneuverable and can change course spontaneously for intensive observations of animals or nature. It also has the highest ice class for passenger ships. Even remote harbors, winding rivers and untapped coasts can be easily reached and traversed due to the low draught. So you can also drop anchor in areas that remain hidden to others. And if there is no harbor in sight, a fleet of twelve robust Zodiacs is at your disposal.

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