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Christmas Market Cruises

Let yourself be enchanted by the major cities of various rivers such as the Rhine, the Rhône, the Moselle or the Danube during Advent. Christmas promenades, festive old towns, wintry countryside - these trips will captivate you. Immerse yourself in your own Christmas story on our river cruises, eat roasted almonds at the Christmas market and experience magical moments.

Join us on the Rhône and immerse yourself in the magic of lights during Advent. Walk through 150 sparkling wooden chalets during the Festival of Lights in Lyon and admire the spectacle. Enjoy a good drop of wine in Tain L'Hermitage and then let yourself be enchanted by the pre-Christmas Provence. Slow down in picturesque Arles, look for "santons" in Avignon and leave us in Lyon with a suitcase full of radiantly beautiful memories.

On the Moselle, immerse yourself in the pre-Christmas joy and enjoy the beautiful Christmas markets of Bernkastel, Trier and Cochem. Stroll through the illuminated streets and soak up the sea of lights. In the Mosel idyll far away from the big cities, the Advent season can be enjoyed in a relaxed way - treat yourself to some time out and let yourself be enchanted.

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